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Our 2017/18 show: Anything Goes!


Information about cast auditions will be released in August 2017- stay tuned!


Information about pit band will be released in August 2017- stay tuned!


Information about crew applications will be released in August 2017- stay tuned!

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MMT is dedicated to enriching the McMaster and Hamilton communities through theatre.
No experience required: Just passion.

McMaster Musical Theatre, created over 30 years ago in 1983, is a non-profit organization and theatre company at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. MMT is dedicated to bringing polished and professional-caliber productions to the community, a tradition of excellence passed down from past alumni which include Eugene Levy, Martin Short, and Ivan Reitman. We are made up each year of a team of volunteer performers, technicians, musicians, artists, and enthusiasts. The Company is an ever-changing group of students and non-students from various faculties, professions, and walks of life. MMT prides itself on our ability to bring people together, whether that be within the club, or through our loyal audiences. With the continued support of our sponsors and the McMaster and Hamilton communities, we are so excited to continue fostering creativity and personal growth in our members. We are invested in the cultural development of the McMaster and Hamilton communities, and this passion is showcased each and every February.


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Anna Subic

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Vice President of Promotions
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Rayu Bhatt

Vice President of Finance
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Jordan Aharoni

Vice President of External Affairs
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Sarah Figueiredo

Social Convenor
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Katie Pita

Executive Advisor

Tickets for Anything Goes will go on sale in January 2018! Stay updated:


(The information kind, not the dancing kind.)

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