Anything Goes Crew Interviews

*All crew spots for Anything Goes have now been filled. Thank you to all who applied!*

Hello and thank you for your interest in joining MMT’s crew for our 2017/18 production of Anything Goes!

Crew interviews will be taking place September 25th 1-9pm and September 27th 5:30-10  in McMaster University Student Centre room 303 . Interviews will be about 10 minutes long. Applicants will sign up for an interview on the Doodle poll below and send in a theatre resume detailing their experience in crew work to mmt.prodteam @ Indicate what position you’d like to apply for from the list below, and write a small blurb about what interests you most about that position. Crew interviews will take place the week after cast and orchestra auditions, room to be determined. You can audition for cast or orchestra and still interview for a crew position, but you may only accept one.

Volunteering as crew for MMT is a great way to get involved with the Club. Whether you’re a seasoned theatre tech or have never been in a musical before, we’re open to everyone being a part of the team! Being a part of the crew is less of a time commitment than being in the Cast or Orchestra, but it is equally important.

We will be hiring the following crew positions for our 2017/18 production of Anything Goes:

  • Lighting
    • 1 Operator
  • Multimedia (please bring examples/pictures of your work to the interview).
    • 1 designer
  • Costumes (please bring examples/pictures of your work to the interview).
    • 4-6 people
  • Sound
    • 1 for sound design
    • 1 for running microphones
  • Props (please bring examples/pictures of your work to the interview).
    • 4 people
  • Set 
    • 3-4 people
    • Most meetings on Wednesday Thursday or Friday, painting happens on Sundays (not every week)
  • Makeup/Hair (please bring examples/pictures of your work to the interview).
    • 2 people
  • ASMs
    • 2 people
  • Stage Hands
    • 2 people- heavy lifting

Time Commitment: Crew is less of a commitment than cast or orchestra, but is just as important. MMT rehearses Sundays, and depending on your role, you may need to be there some or all of the time. As our late February/early March performance dates approach, crew will be asked to spend more time dedicated to the show. Crew must also be available for all or most of tech week, which will be McMaster’s winter reading week, every day from 10am-10pm. There will be about 10 performances of the show in late February/early March, most at 8pm and a few 2pm matinees.

Good luck to all interviewees!

**All spots on the original poll (September 25th 1-9) are now taken, the link below is a new set of interview spots on September 27th, 5:30-10.**