Anything Goes Orchestra Auditions

*At this time, all orchestra roles have been filled for Anything Goes. A huge thank you to all who auditioned! The pool of talent was overwhelming and we were so glad to see so many people interested in our club!*

Hello and thank you for your interest in being a part of the orchestra for MMT’s 2017/18 production of Anything Goes!

Anything Goes Orchestra auditions will take place on the 13th from 3:30-9:00 in TSH 118, and on the 15th in TSH B124 from 3:30-9:00.

We are looking for the following positions for our Anything Goes pit band:

Reed 1
Reed 2
Reed 3
Reed 4
Trombone 1 and 2

Applicants will be expected to perform 2-3 pieces at their audition displaying their technical and expressive abilities on their preferred instruments, as well as two scales of their choosing.

A sight-reading passage will be provided for the instrument book they are applying for.

*Orchestra auditions will take place after cast auditions. You may audition for cast and orchestra, but you may only accept one position.

Time Commitment:
The orchestra, lovingly known in MMT as the FRO, rehearses Sundays 10-3pm, October-February (excluding December). During weekly rehearsals musicians work with the music director to learn, rehearse, and improve the music of the current show. Rehearsals may run later closer to the show and tech week in late February/early March. Tech week is McMaster’s winter reading week. There will be about 10 performances in late February/early March, most at 8pm and some 2pm matinees. Musicians are expected to practice their music at home every week, and come ready on Sundays to run pieces from the show. 

Good luck to all auditioning!