Pippin Crew Interview Information!

Crew interviews will take place the week after cast and orchestra auditions, specific times and dates to be determined. You can audition for cast or orchestra and still interview for a crew position, but you may only accept one.

Volunteering as crew for MMT is a great way to get involved with the Club. Whether you’re a seasoned theatre tech or have never been in a musical before, we’re open to everyone being a part of the team. Being a part of the crew is less of a time commitment than being in the Cast or Orchestra, but it is equally important.

Those wishing to be in MMT’s crew for the 2016-17 must send in a theatre resume (if you have one- if not, don’t worry) to mmt.prodteam@gmail.com, indicate what position you’d like to apply for from the list below, and write a small blurb about what interests you most about that position. You may then be selected to be interviewed by our stage manager.

We will be hiring the following crew positions for our 2016/17 production of Pippin:

Assistant stage manager(s)

There may be several of each position, and we are looking for a Lead of each department.

Time Commitment: Crew is less of a commitment than cast or orchestra. As our late February/early March performance dates approach, crew will be asked to sit in on our Sunday rehearsals. Crew must also be available for all or most of tech week, which will be February 20-26th 2017, every day from 10am-10pm.