Pippin Orchestra Audition Information!

Pippin Orchestra auditions will take place:
September 22nd, time slots available from 6-10pm.
September 23rd, 6-10pm
September 24th, 6-10pm.

Orchestra auditions will take place in TSH B108, in McMaster University’s arts quad basement.

We are looking for the following positions for our Pippin pit band:
Bass – Electric and upright preferred
Guitar – Acoustic and electric – Banjo is a plus
French Horn
Aux. Percussion – Let us know what instruments you own, some may be provided
Piano 1 – Includes: Harpsichord, Piano
Piano 2 – Includes: Organ, Piano
Reed 1 – Includes: Alto Flute, Clarinet, Flute, Piccolo, Soprano Recorder, Tenor Recorder – Please prepare a minimum of 30 seconds of audition material per instrument
Reed 2 – Includes: Alto Recorder, Clarinet, English Horn, Flute, Oboe – Same as above
Trumpet – Flugelhorn and Bb Trumpet

Please prepare 2 contrasting pieces, preferably one being swung. Major/Minor scales and sightreading will also be required.

Time Commitment: The FRO, or Front Row Orchestra, is the group of musicians that make up the orchestra for MMT. During weekly rehearsals musicians work with the music director to learn, rehearse, and improve the music of the current show. Rehearsals are every Sunday from October to February, with a break for Christmas and exams. The rehearsals are at 10 am, and run until all the work gets done. We will be ending at 2:30 pm on most days, but they can run as late as 6 pm, especially closer to the show dates and tech week in late February/early March. Subs are expected to be sent if musicians are absent, with 24 hour minimum notice. Musicians are expected to look at and practice their music at home every week, and come ready on Sundays to run pieces from the show. The FRO is part of the MMT family, and we want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves at rehearsals. The best way we can have a fun and positive experience is if everyone is prepared, well rested, and excited to work and learn with the prod team.